Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Code, updates, and fun stuff

So... I'm working with InstallShield (FlexNet) 11.5 Pro right now. We've decided to let somebody else handle our install instead of maintaining code to try to handle all the quirks of install. You would think that install should be the easiest thing to handle. Go figure. I've learned a bit, and if you have questions, I'm willing to try to answer.

We were going to have 1 install with to setup types, Server (which would include MSDE InstallShield Object), and Client. Other than the MSDE they would be the same. I couldn't figure out how to get MSDE installed with just Server selected, so our boss said, 'just do 2 installs'. I think I figured it out now, but we have the 2 installs.

Now I have to figure out updates. I tried calling, but their phone support is down right now.

My Pocket PC app is coming along. I couldn't remember how to get my listbox to display values from a parent table when I filtered a child table, so I just walk the child table, and do a listbox.items.add() using the child row's parentrow property. More code, but accurate. Now I want to figure out how to save settings for the program. I may just add it to the data xml I'm using to save coding time.

On the fun side, here is a fun e-mail somebody just sent me. Remember to check out my funny stuff page. You never know what I might add there. And check out my For Sale stuff too... every bit helps.

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