Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cost of a hobby

It appears that recently, many of my family and friends have begun to make babies.
(My cousin, my friend Donny, and my friend Jackson)

While I in no way plan to argue the cute and cudlability of a new life, I think that for now my wife and I will stick to less expensive hobbies.

Let's face it, a hobby where you are locked into a project for 20 years, with a major expense, is a big undertaking. Compare that to something like, let's say, knitting. Yes it can be all consuming, but at your choosing, not at 3AM. And even a hobby as involved as, let's say, model trains doesn't have to be as expensive.

And if you get bored and put the hobby down for a period of months or years, you won't have the emotional and financial repercussions of psychiatric deficiencies.

Ok, honestly? My wife and I love kids, and all kidding (no pun intended) aside, our hats are off to all you loving parents who have begun one of the greatest experiences Jehovah god has given us. We're sure you'll all make wonderful parents. (Just let us hold them from time to time.)

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