Monday, March 15, 2004

Okay, more to talk about

So, this weekend I got a job from my dad. He would like a simple file mover application. It will ask some questions about what is being moved and where. I am going to try it in Sharp Develop. The project seems straightforward enough that I can get my feet wet with this new tool. I hope that this will let me feel more comfortable with Mono Develop later.

I wish I had a PDA. I would love to be able to jot some notes down. My Clie has been damaged for some time now. I am going to ebay it. I'll put the link here when I do. It's got a damaged screen. Powers up, I am very sure that it is just the screen. I got it to come on once or twice by rubbing the screen. I believe the screen has been stuck together, thus causing an eternal touch that hangs the unit as it tries to start up. Any offers can e-mail me or post a comment.

I also thought of an illustration. Programmers are very logical, scientific people. That may mean that they have lost faith in creation, or doubt it's feasibility. I'd like to offer a possible view.

When a child is born, it is an Instance of the class Human. It is designed on the DNA Framework. Any programmer knows that the more powerful and complex a framework, the more skilled the designer. Human beings could be considered the most complex design in the physical universe. A self aware, adaptable, creative system.

For those that think we evolved, explain:
When did the first Amoeba decide it would be good food to eat another amoeba... hunter/prey?
What evolutionary need was solved by art, music, mathematics?
Evolution is fueled by needed adaptations, correct? Amoebas seem fine. If they were so flawed that evolutionary tactics needed to enhance them to multi-celled organisms, why are they still here?
It would seem that diversity would be small or nonexistent, flawed or obsolete designs being discarded. Why have they persisted?

If this has given you some food-for-thought, and you would like to discuss it further, I can provide much more scientific fact to prove that creation is not only a possibility, but a fact. At the very least, it would be quite an interesting discussion.

BTW, I just got my DotNetRocks travel coffee mug!!! Woohoo! I am one of the teaming millions!

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