Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thoughts on life and stuff...

I am convinced that every female Hollywood star has a mirror at home. Not just any mirror, but a special mirror, in front of which, every night, they utter the words, 'Who is the fairest in all the world?'

Also, I'm currently reading 'A Tale of Two Cities'. This is a classic that somehow slipped through my net. I've noticed the horrendous things that happened way back when, and realized something. Revolutions and Civil Wars.
It's only really a Revolution if the new guys win, otherwise it's a Civil War. And these wars take place to change things, replace the government. But you know what? Even when the government changes, the country's past sticks with it. France's poor past is still a part of it's image, no matter what it's people did to try to right the wrongs.

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