Friday, April 30, 2004

Some weird thoughts

Okay, I was thinking about computers. Computers and printers that is. Let's say you have 1 printer on the network, printerA. You have two computers. PC1 and PC2. PC1 sees the printer and calls it 'Joe's printers'. PC2 sees the printer as 'LaserJet 45000'. But they are both talking about the same printer.

K. Now let's think about us, and how we see color. I look at something and say 'that's blue'. You look at that and say 'that's blue'. Fine, we're talking about the same color. Once upon a time somebody else told us it was blue and that's what we know.

But how does our brain interpret that color. If I was to look from inside your brain through your eyes, does your brain interpret that color the same mine does. Let's say I look through your brain but the blue item appears as my red.

Follow? It doesn't matter how our brain interprets the color, as long as it interprets the colors differently. We associate a name with that interpretation. As long as we all call blue blue, it doesn't matter how our brain interprets the color. Our brain takes the signals from our eyes and stores that. Does everybodies blue get stored the same? I don't think so. Maybe the same general way, but not exactly.

Then there are sounds...

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