Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Charge several USB devices from one AC outlet

If you're like me, you have several devices that
A) Need to be charged regularly.
B) Take up an AC outlet when charged.
C) Have a USB cable they can also charge off of.

If so, I'll pass this tip along.

1) Get a cheap AC-to-USB adapter, for charging USB devices.
2) Get a cheap USB Hub and plug it into the adapter.
3) Plug your USB devices in.

Now you are charging your devices, but only using one AC adapter.


GLEN said...

i have 4 ps3 controlers and 4 xbox 360 controlers and i got a 7 port hub and none of them charge, but the lights are on, but if i plug them into my zune charger or phone charger, they charge no problem...... :(

M Kenyon said...

Thanks for the note. Certain items may require a signal from a PC/Game Console to trigger the charge. (The manufacturer will probably say to protect the devices.)

If you plug the hub into a PC, will they charge then? (I do not have a PS3 or xBox 360, so I can't try here.)