Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Talk to the CEO

Jeffrey A. Citron
Chief Strategist and
Interim Chief Executive Officer of Vonage
(732) 528-2600 (Main receptionist.)

The number listed in the last post was wrong, it was a fax machine or modem that screeches in your ear, how pleasant.

But, I figured a corporate office would have similar numbers, so I dug around and found that one listed above. You can also get into their phone directory and possibly find his extension.

I just want my money back.

BTW, I obtained that number here:

Edit: I gave this a tag of Bad Business since I don't think I should have to call their main office to settle this. Cancelling my account should be automatic, or at least, if they don't cancel, they shouldn't charge me for service of a number they are no longer providing service for.

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