Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Don't use Vonage

In an effort to keep this non-inflamatory, I'll keep it to the facts.

Fact, In July 2006 I signed up with Vonage using my broadband cable modem internet.
Fact, The sound/audio quality was terrible.
Fact, I worked with tech support and was told to lower the audio quality setting of the service. This allowed me to hold conversations, at the lower quality.
Fact, I experienced several times when my number would be unavailable to callers, whether myself or others.

So, time to switch. In January I switched to Comcast, our cable provider, to use their phone service.
Fact, Vonage caused delays porting my number over to Comcast.
Fact, I received two (2) charges from them (1 month apart) for monthly service charges, EVEN THOUGH my phone number was not being handled by them. The first charge, January's invoice, I expected, though I has hoped it would be pro-rated since they didn't give me service the whole month. The second, February's invoice, was a surprise to me.

Fact, when I called to get a refund, I was told by the customer service rep that he could not refund the money they charged from my account.

You must cancel your service AS SOON as it's working with your new provider.

The customer service rep said that if I want to try to get my money back I had to call the home office. I was told that the Vonage Home Office phone number is: 732-528-2669. It's not. Call 732-528-2600.

I'll let you know how this turns out.

Edit: I gave this a tag of Bad Business since I don't think I should have to call their main office to settle this. Cancelling my account should be automatic, or at least, if they don't cancel, they shouldn't charge me for service of a number they are no longer providing service for.

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