Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Continuing Vonage

Received a call from an Executive office person who discussed with me what the problem was and what I wanted. I told him that I switched my service before my January Invoice, but then received a February invoice and was charged for the February bill.

He said I had minutes used on my January invoice, which I agreed with, and did not dispute. My concern was the February invoice, during which time I did not have my phones hooked into their equipment.

He said that he would refund for February and I would see it in 3-5 business days. (I'll let you know about that.)
I think we ended the conversation amicably. I like the idea of cheaper phone service, but I'm realizing I don't care how it's delivered, as long as the service is good and the price is reasonable.

I don't think it should have taken a call to the main office, but it did, and they did resolve it. (If I get the refund.)

If Vonage can do that in the future to the point that I feel it's worth the hassle of switching back, I will.

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